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How to Optimize Your Inbound Marketing Effectiveness With HubSpot (Checklist)

How to Optimize Your Inbound Marketing Effectiveness With HubSpot (Checklist)

There’s no doubt that the inbound marketing landscape of today is complex and HubSpot is leading the way for marketers to work smarter. Building an inbound marketing program that provides a personal experience to each of your audiences (such as customers, employees, prospects and partners) requires a lot of planning and strategy. If you think your team or my team at Cleriti knows everything about creating an inbound marketing strategy and utilizing the features of HubSpot effectively — think again.

Using our team's combined 30 years of experience working with HubSpot, we created  a checklist to help you plan and prioritize your future to-dos so you can get more out of your HubSpot and inbound marketing investment. In this series of yes or no questions, you’ll walkthrough marketing context, the content you create, promotion and placement and last but not least, how you're measuring up results. Upon completion, we'll send you your results so you can be on your way to improving your overall inbound marketing impact.


Inbound Marketing Strategy and Process Workbook