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4 Factors Complicating SEO In 2018

4 Factors Complicating SEO In 2018


Those of you following along with all the recent goings on in the world of SEM are already aware that SEO has turned a corner. Tried and true tactics are losing favor as search habits evolve and search engines refine their products.
If your search engine marketing efforts aren’t getting the results you expect, there are four key factors that you need to keep in mind as you optimize your SEO strategy in 2018.


(Infographic Transcript)

1. Voice search already claims a quarter of all search traffic and will continue to rise.

2. New SERP elements are taking up more first-page real estate.

3. Page load speed is a key metric in determining whether your page pops on results

4. Mobile has surpassed desktop as the top choice for searchers