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AI in the Digital Marketing Landscape

AI in the Digital Marketing Landscape


In a world where customers interact with your brand at any time on any device across a whole network of channels, the right marketing tech can be the difference between falling behind and staying ahead of the curve. But with the next big marketing technology always just over the horizon, it can be difficult to make the investments that will grow (and grow with) your business.

In 2018, AI tools have dominated much of the marketing technology discussion.


What's the Deal with AI?

WhitepaperCTA (Video transcript)

Hi I'm Keri Witman, and I'm here with your moment of clarity.

Artificial intelligence, the very term conjures up a futuristic world of glistening metallic jumpsuits and cyborg looking humanoids. The reality is artificial intelligence is already part of most of our daily lives. Siri, and apps like Spotify and Waze, are in essence, artificial intelligence tools. 

At its core, artificial intelligence technology makes it possible for machines, in other words computers, to learn from experience and can automate complex tasks.  It can go beyond limits of the human mind and plow through high volumes of data with fast, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms. 

Sounds complicated right?  Well, we as marketers don't really need to understand the science and tech behind it, we just need to understand the power that AI driven tools can have in our marketing.  And that power is in its ability for AI tools to find patterns in vast amounts of consumer data, and then use mathematical modeling to make predictions about future behavior.