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5 Things You Should and Shouldn't Tweet At Your Company Holiday Party

5 Things You Should and Shouldn't Tweet At Your Company Holiday Party


Tis the season for company get togethers, holiday parties, free food and spirits! Have you ever crossed the fine line between what's appropriate and what's not for work? Whether it's being a gossip, over-confidence after drinking too many martinis, talking smack on the boss or just dressing completely inappropriate - we've all been in one of these situations. Not only can crossing the line too far be damaging to your relationships, it can ruin your career, your reputation or even give the company a bad wrap. Hopefully we've learned a lesson from previous mistakes we've made or watched others make in our line of vision. 

With today's connected world and the rising popularity of twitter for business, it's become easier than ever to have public accidents or overstep your welcome. It's also easier than ever for posts to get lost in the wilderness. Back in 2012, a Business Intelligence company called Domo found that 277,000 tweets are sent per minute. Two years later, it's very possible that number of Tweets has doubled. Don't let the fear stop you from tweeting away. Why not go a step further and come up with a hashtag or friendly competition to organize and archive Tweets from your holiday party this year? Below we've compiled a list to help you with 5 things you should and 5 things you shouldn't Tweet this year from your company holiday party. 

5 Things You Should Tweet From Your Holiday Party

You should tweet photos while setting up, as guests are arriving, cool party favors and the decorations before digging in.


Do blow up your twitter feeds with selfies. Take them with your coworkers, party favors, guests and your boss if they are okay with it.

Do pose for group photos, tweet them and archive them to tell your story. It's fun to look back in the future of how far you've come, what has changed and share those memories when you make it big.


Do take some time to disconnect from your smartphone and network with others! Holiday parties are the perfect time to get to know people in your office you may not get to work with regularly.

Do tweet photos of your team letting loose and having a little bit of fun together. Holiday parties are not the time for strictly business.


5 Things You Shouldn't Tweet From Your Holiday Party

Don't drink past your limit and start tweeting. That's not safe for work. Period. While on that note, be sure to lookout for others around you.


Don't by any means take any inappropriate video footage of what is happening at your holiday party, especially after a few drinks. 

Don't pull off and tweet about mean office pranks, even if your coworker is just like Dwight Schrute from the office.

Don't ever wear your body hugging, cutout, club-like attire or expose too much skin an office party. 

Don't wear or tweet photos of your hideous Christmas sweater, unless of course it is the theme of the party.


We hope you keep all of these things in mind at your next office celebration. You and your coworkers probably don't want to be a viral internet star the next day in the wrong context. Remember, the holidays are a great time to tweet memories, let your personality sparkle, build stronger relationships with your team, customers and step up your wardrobe a notch from the usual. With that in mind, we at Cleriti wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and smooth parties ahead! Be sure to check out more of our tips for using Twitter effectively for business.

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