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The True Value of Website Hosting with HubSpot

The True Value of Website Hosting with HubSpot

HubSpot Website Hosting
Every single website you view on your browser is simply a file stored on a computer somewhere in the world. When you open your browser and type in cleriti.com the browser loads fetches the file an traslates it so you can see our website design. This is a rather simple explanation of what goes on “behind the scenes” of any given web site. This is why every web site needs to be hosted on a web server. There are many options when it comes to picking a hosting service for your web site. Let’s look at the value having HubSpot host your site.

HubSpot vs. “Standard”

Most of the clients we work with tend to have their site hosted on the big box hosting services like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, HostGator, Blue Host, and the like. One of the common denominators with these host is their cost. Most of the time people select the cheapest shared hosting solution which is around $10 - 20 per month. The pricing is very appealing however there are some drawbacks with using these services.

When making the decision to go inbound we highly recommend having your site hosted with HubSpot to utilize all it’s tracking capabilities. Currently the pricing for hosting your site pages on HubSpot is $200 per month for unlimited or $50 per month for up to 3,000 visits per month. It may seem like this is a big jump in cost but I’ll show you why it is justified.


Everything works...no embedding

When switching to HubSpot and trying to keep your site with your old host there you have to set up your tracking code and embed calls to action and forms. When using site pages HubSpot automatically inserts your HubSpot tracking code to each page and adding calls to action and forms to pages is super easy. Using HubSpot’s site pages just makes everything work together with ease.

Powerful CMS

HubSpot’s site pages utilize a built in CMS (content management system). Everything about their CMS is built with marketers in mind. Adding new pages, removing pages, adding content, calls to actions, and forms is easier than ever. I have worked extensively with Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal and I prefer HubSpot’s CMS over any of these other platforms.

HubSpot Hosting Benefits


One of the best parts of hosting with HubSpot is having your site on a CDN (content delivery network). The internet is a big global network. When someone tries to load your web site on their browser the load time can change based on how far away they are from your hosting server. If someone in Boston loads a site hosted in L.A. it will take longer to load than someone loading the site in L.A. One of Google’s site ranking factors is site load time. Your site load time is very important. Implementing a CDN allows your site to be copied on multiple servers around the world. Your site will load from the nearest server! This service alone can cost hundreds of dollars per month in addition to those “standard” hosting services.

Security and Auto Updating

One of the biggest complaints of using those free CMS platforms is poor security. When using something like Wordpress it’s imperative to install some sort of 3rd party security. You don’t have to worry about that with HubSpot! Their team is working around the clock to ensure the highest of security for your site. Another downfall to any open source CMS is having to manually update the system and any 3rd party plugins. Should you forget to update you may be inviting hackers to your site. HubSpot takes care of updating your system for you automatically!


It may seem like the price of HubSpot’s hosting is high but what you get it’s truly a good deal. Having your site hosted with a standard host, then embedding HubSpot’s code on your site, installing a CMS, implementing a CDN, and updating your system on going would cost more than HubSpot’s hosting. Another down side to setting up everything individually is that everything would be scattered on different systems requiring multiple usernames and passwords. Simplify your life and get your site hosting with HubSpot! If this was helpful, be sure to check out the HubSpot designer documentation available here.

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