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No Benefit, No Business: 10 Examples of Effective Customer-Focused Marketing Strategies

No Benefit, No Business: 10 Examples of Effective Customer-Focused Marketing Strategies


Good marketing is about much more than talking up your products and services. Above all else, it’s about connecting with other people and other businesses. Once you make that connection, you’ll have a better chance of selling your product or service — and you’ll also have the chance to build relationships that can last for years. Establishing the kind of connections that go beyond products is the core of inbound marketing, and it’s what you need to do if you want to be a successful marketer in any industry.

To showcase the true value of connecting with your customer, we’ve selected ten companies that get it. Each company provides a solid example of how businesses can develop effective marketing strategy that attracts the customer and makes them feel involved.

Customer Centric Content Marketing


A popular content marketing software package, Uberflip does far more than simply handle your content and lead generation strategies. It’s an engaging company that puts itself on display early and often. A quick visit to the Uberflip Hub shows what the company is all about — informative content, relevant eBooks, and even some behind-the-scenes posts that showcase the people behind the company’s products. It’s all laid out in a user-friendly format that includes non-invasive calls to action. It’s easy to see why Uberflip has been so successful; it’s hard to look at their Hub and not want to work with them.


A lot of companies merely boast about their abilities without providing any information to back up their claims. Contently goes the opposite route, hitting you with the necessary data to prove their legitimacy from the moment you land on their website. Right away, you know you’re dealing with a major player. As is the case with Uberflip, Contently wants you to get to know the people behind the scenes, going so far as to publish the face of every one of their employees on their website. Lastly, Contently publishes content that covers problem areas for many content marketers, proving that it truly understands what difficulties their ideal customers face.

Customer Centric Healthcare Marketing

c2b Solutions

c2b Solutions is a healthcare technology company that provides the answer to a major question many healthcare providers are unable to answer themselves: who are our customers, and how can we best service them? Like many information-based companies, c2b Solutions provides whitepapers and case studies on its website, but it takes things one step further with its Consumer Classifier tool. This innovative product not only saves a lot of headaches for healthcare businesses, but it’s something no other company can offer. And there’s no better way to connect with a potential customer than to give them something they can’t get anywhere else.

Episcopal Retirement Homes

Looking for a retirement home is usually not an easy — or fun — process. Yet, Episcopal Retirement Homes has made the best out of a sticky situation by displaying excellent customer relations skills, coming through at a very difficult time in the lives of their customers. Episcopal Retirement Homes appeals to both caregivers and older adults who are looking for retirement facilities on their own. The company’s website provides customer testimonials, resources to help individuals save money, and even services that help seniors in need of help, even if they aren’t ready to move into a retirement home just yet. Going this extra mile allows people to feel better about their transition, and it results in a growing number of families willing to entrust their future or their elderly loved ones to Episcopal Retirement Homes.

Customer Centric Marketing Communities


As marketers, we always want to know everything about current marketing trends. But it’s also important to understand what’s going on in the world, too. Business2Community’s marketing strategy serves as an effective example because it provides everything you could possibly want to know about what’s trending. From the content marketing tips that bring you to the site to the entertainment and news tidbits you pick up along the way, Business2Community has something for everyone. And once you know you can get everything you need to know from one location, you’ll be sure to return for more.


As the name suggests, MarketingProfs is a site that offers marketing courses from real-life marketers who have been there and done that. But the courses offered by MarketingProfs are just the beginning. Members can also access articles and podcasts that discuss all aspects of marketing. What’s more, the site boasts a community of more than 600,000 marketing professionals and aspiring marketers. While you may not be able to connect with each and every one of your customers, especially if you’re a huge business, you can create an infrastructure that allows those customers to connect with each other. That sense of community can encourage people to stay loyal to you and your brand.

Customer Centric Marketing Agencies

Advent Media Group

Advent Media Group makes their remarkable clear right from the get-go: the opportunity to have a nationally recognized brand feature your business to potential customers. Every company knows what it’s like to have their ads displayed to consumers with absolutely no interest in what they have to say. Advent Media Group solves that problem by honing in only on the specific audience you want to reach. Furthermore, Advent Media Group gives its partners plenty of opportunities to get their message across, particularly in print and online advertising. The company also provides comprehensive infographics about the people who read the print magazines they work with, making it abundantly clear that they know what they’re talking about.


On visiting to the Publicis website, visitors are immediately shown examples of the work Publicis has done with its clients all around the world. This gets the viewer thinking about what Publicis could do for them. The company builds on that by clearly laying out its strategy and philosophy, leaving the visitor to once again wonder how Publicis may fit into their future marketing plans. This engaging, no-nonsense approach is endearing to results-oriented companies, creating a package potential customers can’t resist.

Customer Centric Manufacturing Marketing


A company as large and as highly regarded as General Electric might choose to rest on its laurels. Instead, GE has made sharing its knowledge a priority, maintaining a strong social media presence across multiple accounts and platforms. GE has also developed its own means for distributing content, and the company continues to work with thought leaders, such as Mic, to connect with younger consumers. It’s this dedication to reinventing itself and making itself appealing to all customers that has helped GE to enjoy consumer success for nearly 125 years.


SugarCreek’s internal slogan is “Good is not enough,” and that dedication to quality is evident throughout all of SugarCreek’s customer service initiatives. The company’s website features free case studies and blogs, helping to create a more educated customer who is just as concerned with the details as SugarCreek is. By providing a massive amount of industry content, SugarCreek builds trust with its customers, and that goodwill is repaid with long-term partnerships. SugarCreek has most definitely managed to leverage the secrets of inbound marketing to create a true destination for its audience on the Internet.

Discover Marketing Tactics from the Best

Learning from the examples of others is a key element in creating a marketing strategy that works. Each of the companies discussed above provides examples of marketing tactics that make their strategy effective. Each one has found a unique way to connect with its customer base. Whether your company is more than a century old like GE or if you’re a newer company like Uberflip, you should strive to always present your message in a way that is easily digested by your target audience. When you discover what makes your audience tick, you’ll be able to develop engaging tactics that give them the information they need and keep them coming back for more.

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