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4 Types of Content That Work in Any Marketing Plan

4 Types of Content That Work in Any Marketing Plan

No matter your marketing plan or strategy, you can make use of these 4 types of content.57298029_l32F1_jpg


(Infographic Transcript)

1. Video

Quick, easy to consume video content is a must for any 2018 marketing plan.

Not sure where to start? No matter your industry or niche, customers will always appreciate a short tutorial or helpful video.

2. Social Media

Whether you answer product questions, respond to complaints, or just engage with your followers in a meaningful way, social can be one of the best ways to build your brand's reputation.

Just make sure you know what channels your customers are using.

3. Interactive Media

Increasingly, consumers are looking for experiences that put them in the driver seat.

Quizzes, assessments and other interactive content can build your brand, answer customer questions, and help convert new leads all while allowing the consumer to direct their own experience. 

4. Email

Email can be your best- or worst- distribution channel, depending on your strategy.  If you've all but given up on email, try again with tailored and targeted communication.

Use behavioral data to understand what products or services consumers are interested in and plan your content accordingly.

Enhance. Improve. Explore. Get more from your marketing strategy.