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Do This, Not That: 3 Reasons Your Website Doesn't Work

Do This, Not That: 3 Reasons Your Website Doesn't Work

website workingIf your website is just "average," it's doomed.

When Google's near-omniscient search crawlers scan your site in two seconds and deem it too inferior to include in query results, it's doomed. When your site is stagnant, outdated, stuffed with keywords, reeking of poorly written content and uses the same blog post ideas over and over again...Google will know.

And your customers won’t be able to find you.

Moreover, websites that lack mobile adaptivity technology or neglect to use minimalist designs will never evolve into a powerful customer magnet capable of retaining a client base—something essential to the long-term viability of your business.

According to a timely Forbes article "The Top 7 Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make",companies should never rush the development of their website. Instead, the author of the article suggests researching your target audience and designing your site to anticipate and address their questions, needs and desires. In addition, a call to action that is clear, direct and assertive without being pushy is necessary to persuade customers to make that final decision to purchase your product or service.

So...how does your website stack up?

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Website is a Disaster

1. It’s too busy and distracting.

Dazzling web users with busy “website tinsel” is probably the fastest way to make someone flee your website within seconds of finding it. At the dawn of the internet age, we were fascinated by the technology afforded by the World Wide Web and took a "guilty pleasure" kind of delight in developing websites bustling with spinning gifs, flashing banners, and Musak background music. Try putting that kind of website up today and not only will your bounce rates rise, but you'll probably receive an onslaught of humiliating constructive criticism from people who had the misfortune of stumbling upon your site.

2. The site has content that hasn't been modified for years.

Is your site still discussing the Y2 bug? Are you talking about industry issues from five years ago?)This shows consumers that you really don't care about the quality of your website—nor are you interested in educating them with professionally written, contemporary blog post ideas regarding your product or service. Also, be aware that Google's search algorithm knows when websites neglect to refresh their content. The longer you delay posting new, relevant content that gets shared on social media, the further down Google will push your site on search queries.

3. The site isn’t responsive.

Responsive design was one of the buzzwords for 2013 and continues to be a hot item with the increasing use of mobile devices by users as the primary method for accessing the Internet. Responsive web design (RWD) is a way to develop a website so that it adapts to any size screen. For example, websites that are not responsively designed will appear complete on a full-sized monitor. If someone using a smartphone tries to access the same site, they aren’t able to view the site as it should be viewed. Instead, they would have to scroll vertically or horizontally to see the whole page. Some elements of a non-RWD might even be distorted or hidden, which slightly irritates today's digitally-oriented user who knows there are millions of other sites out there that won't inconvenience them.

Website optimization is a tricky process--it involves experienced developers who constantly research to keep up with the rapidly evolving quirks of Google's search algorithm and user demands. Often, though, our websites don’t stack up. Perfecting these three things can produce a website that not only pleases search engine crawlers but also customers who really want to connect with knowledgeable businesses. Want to take your business to the next level? Offer user-friendly websites with clean designs and dynamic blog post ideas written by savvy content curators.

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