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How Do You Rate? Get A Free Digital Marketing Assessment Here

How Do You Rate? Get A Free Digital Marketing Assessment Here

website assessmentYour company’s website is the focal point of your inbound marketing tactics. Think digital and remember that social media sites, marketing ads, and content all work to drive traffic towards the website in the hopes of converting people to register for a newsletters, sign up for other information, or make a purchase. In this sense, your website is like the storefront of your modern business. The same way store owners concern themselves how well their stores appeal to customers and encourage purchases, you should look at how well your online stores attract traffic and drive customers through the sales funnel. 

There are few better tools for accomplishing this task than a digital marketing assessment.

What is the value of a digital marketing assessment?

It is easy for companies to set up a website, decide that it looks appealing, and essentially forget about it. This approach leaves businesses to overlook potentially valuable customers. Often when you’re selling your products and services, and you already know what you offer, the layout seems intuitive to you. Because you’re so familiar with your company, it might be harder to tell if your message is clear and persuasive to outside readers.

Without the help of a digital marketing assessment, it can be nearly impossible to get an accurate picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the website and what might be hindering new visitors from converting into customers.

What does a digital marketing assessment examine?

A digital marketing assessment looks at how well the website performs for search engines and how well it can engage traffic. It will look at traits such as:

- the calls-to-action fond throughout the site

- landing pages

- lead generation forms

- marketing offers

Think digital and realize the importance of engagement. These characteristics will offer insight into how engaging the site is for visitors. An analysis will be able to identify possible weaknesses as well as compare the marketing campaign and website to those of competitors for a more accurate picture of the site performance.

It can also be a good idea to examine who reaches each stage of the sales funnel and what characteristics are common among those who do not progress to the next stop and those who do. Look for ways to improve the site to better engage those who are dropping off the sales funnel, such as developing new content that can address their concerns.

The information from the analysis can additionally be used to make suggestions and tips about how to optimize the site for search engine optimization and lead generation. There are specific site characteristics that search engines look for when ranking sites, so optimizing the site will make it easier for customers to find the company. Meanwhile the content on the page will draw visitors in and generate the all-important leads.

How well the company uses the technology available can also play a role in the success of the site. Today there are countless tools at the fingertips of marketers, from apps to make it easier for customers to find the company to sophisticated tracking systems to see who is visiting the site and where they are coming from. Properly using the tools can help the company maximize the potential of the website.

Businesses can now receive the benefits of of an inbound marketing assessment for free. Use this analysis to gain better insight into how well the company website engages visitors and inspires them to convert into customers and what can be done to improve. Think digital and realize how this information can help the company grow and maximize the potential for inbound marketing.

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