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6 Website Lead Conversion Opportunities You're Wasting

6 Website Lead Conversion Opportunities You're Wasting

lead conversionYour work as a marketer isn't done once you get a visitor to your page. Once you have the surfer's attention, you need to spur them to the action that you desire. Are you missing chances for engagement on your landing pages? Read on to learn about elements and opportunities many online marketers miss.

1. Validating Trust

Surfers should be able to see reasons right away that they should trust you. A good way to do this is to show social proof through testimonials. Offer an excerpt of one right away with a link where people who visit your site can see others.

2. Highlighting Educational Content

About half of the prospects that will come to your page are qualified, but not quite ready to buy. And often, most potential buyers will engage with many pieces of content before approaching your site to make a purchase.

Help them along their buyer's journey by linking to blog posts, e-books and articles that discuss their needs and how your product can satisfy them. Readers will be grateful for the useful content and, since you have demonstrated both helpfulness and knowledge, more likely to buy from you.

3. Providing a Clear Call to Action

One of the biggest mistakes you can make on your landing pages is failing to clearly and concisely express what you want the prospect to do. Do you want them to sign up for a mailing list? Download your e-book? Make it clear what you want your visitor to do and make it easy for them to complete this action.

4. Personalizing Content

According to Hubspot, more is better when it comes to custom landing pages. Their research showed that companies that had 30 or more landing pages generated seven times as many leads as companies that only had one to five. Those that had over 40 landing pages got 12 times the leads as those with five or fewer.

A good practice is to make a new landing page for every single campaign. Consider the buyer persona and how they will arrive at your site. The content should speak directly to that person in as many ways as possible. Pick photos that fit the buyer. When appropriate, use geotargeting for better personalization. You can also use different landing pages for first time visitors and those who are returning to your site.

5. Featuring Compelling Photos

Images draw the reader's eye and help break up content into more easily digested bites. But, the most important thing that good photos can do is increase your conversion rate. In a test performed by Think Vitamin, researchers found that pages that use photographs of people increased their conversion rates by 48%.

There are many opportunities to include human photos. For instance, if you are offering a free report via email, feature a photo of a person offering the report instead of an image of the bound materials. If you offer construction equipment, show people using your wares. These photos can be produced in-house or purchased inexpensively at stock photo websites. Be sure to choose photos that represent the diversity found in your client base. 

6. Making Pages Mobile-Friendly

Fully one-quarter of people in the US have traded in their laptops for mobile devices. If your site does not work well on mobile devices, you are losing traffic. Whether they are viewing your site through a tablet or a phone, to win their business, your site needs to be optimized to work well on their chosen device. Optimize for mobile viewing, and avoid adding elements that don’t translate well to small screens.

Often, have just seconds to gain a surfer's attention. By optimizing your landing pages to be appealing and compelling, you can significantly increase your conversion rate and make the most out of all of your traffic.

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