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Inbound Marketing is More Than SEO

Inbound Marketing is More Than SEO

inbound marketingWhen people start using inbound marketing, it's common for them to get overly hung up on keyword-rich blog posts, heading tags and other elements of SEO. But, successful, effective inbound marketing requires more than meeting a handful of technical requirements. To get the best inbound marketing ROI, your content needs to do more than entice search engines to index your pages in the top ten results. Quality inbound marketing needs to engage the reader and move her to action.

SEO Just Gets You the Interview

Think of good SEO like knowing someone who knows a client you'd like to court. The referral might be enough to get you a lunch date with the prospect. But, if you don't impress your new prospect once the two of you meet, you are never going to close the sale.

SEO just gets a potential buyer to your page. What happens when the prospect gets to your site determines whether they'll become a client. This is where the real meat of inbound marketing comes in. The content on your page is what will help the surfer decide whether or not to become a buyer.

Be of Value

So, what kinds of content are likely to convert? There is no one answer to this question, but, all quality content has one thing in common: it is something that is of value to the reader.

Many inbound marketers find that they have the best success with tutorial and DIY advice. These can be a great pick because they demonstrate your expertise in your field. Do not be worried about giving away free advice. The good will that you create is often far more valuable than any business you might lose because someone is able to go the DIY route with the information you've provided.

Top five lists and surprising facts are also inbound content that can can convert well. Readers enjoy the opportunity to learn something new and will often stay on your page longer or make return trips to see future posts or articles. By making reading your site a regular habit, you increase your chances of converting visits into sales.

The best way to determine what will work for you is to consider what someone who would use your services would like to see. By putting yourself in the place of your reader, you gain an opportunity to create the experience they want. This establishes a rapport that can lead to a mutually beneficial relationship. When you focus on their needs and providing value, you will see your inbound marketing ROI skyrocket.

More Than Just Search Engine Traffic

When you provide truly valuable content, you don't just persuade the reader to become a buyer. You also give him or her reasons to share what they read with their colleagues and their friends. This can bring you into contact with prospects who may have never found you otherwise. And, when they do find you, you have the added social proof of having been referred by someone who they know.

People love to share tips, analysis and explanations that have been interesting or helpful to them. It makes them look more knowledgeable, helps build their relationships and creates conversation. By giving the people who visit your blog this valuable content, you help yourself at the same time.

Bottom Line

Quality SEO is still necessary for a successful site. But, once you have the reader on your page, your content needs to take over and make the sale.The best way to maximize your inbound marketing ROI by providing quality content. By giving the reader value, you begin a relationship that can deliver the best return on your digital marketing investment.