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There's More to Ranking In Search Than Your SEO Agency Is Telling You

There's More to Ranking In Search Than Your SEO Agency Is Telling You

SEOWhen structuring an effective healthcare marketing strategy, healthcare organizations turn to SEO companies to generate leads and apply techniques that will help build the brand and gain visibility. The issue with traditional SEO agencies is that they don't focuse on content creation, which is key to maintaining and increasing search rankings in today's world.

The healthcare industry is a niche market that needs specialized content to make a lasting impact. How the content is marketed is crucial to the longevity of the organization, and should be a high priority for the marketing team. The healthcare content marketing strategy goes far beyond typical SEO tactics. Agencies without a content marketing strategy focus on backlinks and on-page optimization but don’t consider the “other” factors that impact your organization's search rankings.

There's More to SEO Than There Used to Be

The truth is, search rankings are one of the most important aspects of your digital marketing campaign. And you have to do more than the bare minimum in order to make a real impact on your rank. Here’s why:

  • Stiff Competition

Undoubtedly, you're battling with several other organizations for the same group of customers.  If you want to be top of mind, you have to be at the top of their healthcare-related searches as well.  And if you haven't been paying attention to that to date, you've got some catching up to do.

  • Content is Key

Your marketing team should be executing a content strategy on a daily basis. In other words, all things work together for the greater good. Your site should have video, you should have an informative (and frequently updated!) blog, and you should have dedicated social media people to carry out your day-to-day interaction with your audience. New search ranking algorithms take more than just keywords and links into account -- social signals and local relevance also play a part. The more relevant content you produce, the more you'll be able to turn all the dials, instead of just one or two.

  • New health care initiatives

Now that there is a new platform for individuals to choose their facilities and health insurance, there is a wide spectrum of healthcare consumers who have questions and need answers. Every healthcare organization is in the same position, and gearing your organization up to address these customers is all tied to your healthcare marketing. If you're not on their mind when they're thinking about healthcare, you're missing out.

How can Google+ help healthcare companies show up in local search results?

Google+ has become a useful and essential tool in local search results that can help healthcare companies reach an audience far beyond their anticipated target. As Google continues to enhance their user experience and the way search engines crawl and “see” its users, the incorporation of Google+ should be a focal point in your organization’s digital marketing strategy. Here’s why:

  • Personalized search results
    By attracting Google+ followers on the hospital’s social media account, shared content becomes more accessible to the local community with a wider reach. The more people that +1 your content, the larger the reach and organic results. And the more frequently you update your content, the more interesting Google finds your page. This means you increase your chances of being seen by customers and non-customers alike
  • Tracking and visibility in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page)
    Content created in Google+ continues to show up in local search engine results for people who fall outside of the “inner circle”, providing accessibility for those individuals who don’t use the platform. Sharing content through authorship is key.
  • Engagement Reviews and Referrals
    Patients who use your services contribute their feedback through Google+ reviews. Honest, local reviews will give you credibility and show up in local searches for individuals seeking services that may send them your way.

That’s where we come in. We help you piece it all together to create visibility and customer engagement to help build your brand and provide a lasting ROI.

The larger your circle, the more powerful your reach becomes. That’s the beauty of digital marketing. The relevant information you share increases your value. It’s a compounding ROI, and by using Google+, you’re creating a local voice where people listen. This social tool works, but must be used consistently. In the healthcare industry, every message that transmits and engages your users count. By using these tactics in your strategy, your local reach will continue to extend, long after your message is sent.

SEO isn’t dead, but effective strategies focus on the content aspect of marketing while integrating traditional SEO techniques. It’s all about being structured, helpful and engaging with your audience. You’ll get that and more with Cleriti. Welcome home.

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