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  • Marketing Automation Can Be the Secret Ingredient in Your Social Media Recipe

    Marketing Automation Can Be the Secret Ingredient in Your Social Media Recipe

    Social media engagement is a crucial part of any marketing strategy. It’s also one of the areas in which marketing automation could be most helpful to you. That might seem counterintuitive to some. We know the best corporate users on social media platforms respond in real-time to customers questions, concerns,or good-natured whimsy.

    In today’s business landscape, if you want to advance your brand and remain competitive, there’s no getting around that your customers expect you to have an active presence on social media. But not every company has the resources to employ the staff needed monitor and post content 24/7.

  • Simplify Your Lead Scoring Process

    Simplify Your Lead Scoring Process

    Instituting lead scoring mechanism using marketing automation helps quantify and qualify the value of converted prospects and place them in the appropriate lifecycle state of your sales funnel. Although essential for getting the most value out of your inbound marketing efforts, lead scoring can be a time-consume endeavor if the parameters are unclear and technology employed is out of date. In fact, statistics show that only 21% of businesses actually employ a lead scoring program. Guides to effective lead scoring are pages long and require you to evaluate one piece of data after another in order to assign a lead a score.  What's more, keeping up with all of this constantly-changing data is a challenge, to say the least.

  • 5 People You Need on Your Content Marketing Team

    5 People You Need on Your Content Marketing Team

    So, you’re a startup or medium-sized business and trying to build brand recognition. How do you build your content marketing team? Who do you need on it, what marketing technology will they need, and how could automation make them more efficient? These are all excellent questions. And we’ll address them today. Let’s talk marketing efficacy and the 5 people you need on your content marketing team.

  • How HubSpot’s Analytics Help You Determine Your Marketing Effectiveness

    How HubSpot’s Analytics Help You Determine Your Marketing Effectiveness

    Any digital marketer knows the importance of testing, tracking, and measuring your marketing tactics. HubSpot is an incredibly powerful tool for this. In addition to automating your marketing efforts, it delivers their measurable data and analytics right within the platform. Tracking these analytics can equip you with insights on your marketing results and help you prove that your inbound strategy is working. Having access to this data is one thing, but what you do with it will define your success as a marketer. In order to develop actionable insights, you need to know what metrics are significant, as well as how to optimize your marketing strategy based on the data.

    Let’s take a look at a few essential metrics to help you measure the effectiveness of the content you produce for your inbound campaigns. You’ll find that these metrics can easily be broken down into more specific metrics as you dive into the analytics.

  • 4 Steps to Better Prospecting with HubSpot

    4 Steps to Better Prospecting with HubSpot

    Are you looking to fill your pipeline with more qualified business opportunities? Believe it or not, it all starts with prospecting, your lead generation strategy and the practices your business deploys to acquire, retain and refer new customers. The key to prospecting is not finding more companies to call and pitch and playing a numbers game. In today’s age of the customer, prospecting is about making your solution meet the real needs of your audience.

    How well do you know your current customers and your ideal customers? Like online dating, you should know your buyers so well that your company and a prospect are compatible to date. In this post, you’ll learn a way to see prospects that have visited your website, an easy way to discover new prospects, how to do research on prospects and a clear way to get more synergy and welcoming from potential customers.

  • Why CLERITI Loves Big HUGS

    Why CLERITI Loves Big HUGS

    Since September 2012, our team at Cleriti has been utilizing HubSpot’s software to formulate and implement successful marketing strategies for our clients. If you aren’t familiar with HubSpot, it is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and most importantly, close customers.

    We have found success over the last few years because we internally hold ourselves to a high expectation. We want to be the HubSpot experts in Cincinnati. We utilize HubSpot at every stage in the buyer’s journey so we can discover what is working and what isn’t for our clients. We are constantly adapting our strategy based on what the analytics are telling us. We utilize HubSpot at the macro level to obtain the best possible marketing results.

  • What's New with HubSpot in 2015?

    What's New with HubSpot in 2015?

    HubSpot is the ultimate creator, leader and successor of inbound marketing. This marketing methodology is helping companies generate leads and track the way leads become customers. HubSpot has tons of awesome updates that will improve the user experience for all of us HubSpotters in 2015. This exclusive update is timely with the announcement and launch of these features during this week at INBOUND 2015 in Boston. Continue reading to explore what’s new and what changes you can expect in HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing software moving forward. The roundup includes:

    • HubSpot Form Updates
    • Predictive Lead Scoring
    • Customized Dashboards and Reporting Add On
    • Linkedin Advertising in HubSpot
    • Changes to the HubSpot Email Editor
    • Inline Editing for Websites and Landing Pages
    • LeadIn - HubSpot for WordPress 
    • And Much, Much More!

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